Partial Islamic finance scholarships

Welcome to International Institute of Islamic Economics and Finance. 

IIIEF is offering partial Islamic finance scholarships. IIIEF is UAE based international business school offering diploma and degree in collaboration with AIU university, USA and  Geneva School of Business and Economics.  The institute is offering partial Islamic finance scholarships to our student from any one the following courses.

Please click the link below for more details on the courses eligible for Islamic finance scholarships. You will be directed to our learning platform where you can preview our course materials and course assessments. The website pages also contains sample diploma certificate to be issued by IIISEF.

If you are looking for partial Islamic finance scholarships use the link make an online application and our admission department will confirm your % scholarships.

Islamic finance scholarships
Islamic finance scholarships


Course details and web link

Advanced Diploma in Islamic Banking and FinTech (ADIBF)


Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance (ADIF)


Executive Diploma in Islamic Finance (EDIF)


Executive Diploma in Islamic Banking (EDIB)


Professional Diploma in Islamic Commercial Law (PDICL)


Professional Diploma in Halal Industry Management (HMI)


Professional Diploma in Waqf Management (PDWM)


Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Finance


The regular course fee for Advanced Diploma is $ 500 and Diploma is $ 300.

If you are given partial scholarship, the fee will be reduced from the course fee.

For example, if you select Advanced Diploma course and given 80% financial aid, your new will only by $ 100.


Check our website for accreditation, partnership and expert panel on about us.


About Us 

Our expert panel

Dr Faleel Jamaldeen

Dr  Mohamed Khalid

Dr Umar Idrees

Dr Tahar Tayachhi


We develop the people to lead the Islamic economy from the world’s Islamic Economy Capital, UAE. International Institute of Islamic Economics and Finance is a premium model Islamic business school based in United Arab Emirates (UAE) with global reach. Our ambition is to become be a leading Islamic business school in the world offering courses in Islamic banking, Islamic insurance, Islamic capital market, Halal economics, Islamic marketing and Islamic business administration.

IIISEF is part of The International Institute of Business and Economics FZ LLE. The International Institute of Business and Economics FZ LLE has been granted license to provide online education services by Fujairah Creative City authorities, UAE. IIISEF is offering partial Islamic finance scholarship. The scholarship is decided by the boar of directors and based on individual circumstances of the student. All of the students are given partial Islamic finance scholarship. The course eligible for partial scholarship could vary decided by the management. Presently as of 2021, the school has listed more than 12 online courses which are eligible for partial Islamic finance scholarship.


Our vision is to become global leader for Islamic finance and business education by enabling the students to lead Islamic finance and business industry.


Our mission is to provide students with necessary knowledge and skills to success in a highly competitive Islamic finance and business industry by giving the best mixture of academic and practical knowledge.

International partnership

We have partnered and on the process of partnership with leading business schools in order to get their best practices and international recognition. The present partnership includes business schools in Switzerland and UAE.

Expert supervision

Islamic business schools are quite different other traditional schools. Islamic finance and halal industry operate according to the principles and guidelines of Islam. Therefore, Islamic business entities and industry expected to operate follow such guidelines. Islamic business schools should teach according to the Islamic guidelines and these guidelines and supervision are done by Islamic scholars. We as expert institution in the industry are guided by well known scholars who has both industry experience and academic knowledge.

Islamic finance scholarships