PDip in Islamic Accounting and Reporting

Professional Diploma in Islamic Accounting and Reporting for Islamic Financial Institutions

Course Code PGDIPIA001

This is an applied Islamic accounting course to prepare the students to work in the Islamic finance industry. This course intends to introduce Islamic accounting principles and concepts to students as well as underlying accounting and reporting practices of Islamic financial institutions. This course also introduces the Accounting and Auditing Standards of AAOIFI ( Accounting and Auditing Organization of Islamic Financial Institutions). The application of AAOIFI standards by Islamic financial institutions is has explored in detail. This is an online professional Diploma in Islamic Accounting and reporting course. 


At the end of this lesson, students will be able to

1. Understand the accounting and auditing frame work and standard for Islamic financial institutions

2. Describe the Islamic accounting principle and concepts

3. Compare the Islamic accounting principles and concepts with conventional accounting

4. Recognize the accounting and reporting of various Islamic financing activities

5. Analyze the performance of Islamic financial institutions


Course contents

  1. Basics of Islamic accounting
  2. Islamic accounting principles and concepts
  3. Introduction to Islamic Accounting and auditing standards
  4. Accounting for Islamic financial institutions
  5. Reporting for Islamic financial institution
  6. Accounting for Mudarabah investment
  7. Accounting for Musharakha investment
  8. Accounting for Murabaha financing
  9. Accounting for Ijarah financing
  10. Accounting for Salam financing
  11. Accounting for Istisna financing
  12. Accounting for Zakath
  13. Financial statement analysis of Islamic financial institutions


ProgramProfessional Diploma in Accounting and Reporting for Islamic Financial Institutions
Target Audience Islamic finance professionals, Islamic bankers, auditors. Accountants, Accounting technician, finance managers, treasures, fund managers, managers of Islamic financial institutions, financial analyst, system analyst, accounting students, academics and students whoever want to start a career in Islamic accounting and reporting.
Study Mode Online (Distance learning)
Duration 9 Months (Flexible - Students have freedom to start at their own time and complete within in 24 months)
Academic requirements Business/Accounting/Finance bachelor or master degrees. or Full or part qualification of CPA/CIMA/CMA/CFA/ACCA/Chartered Accountancy/AAT or Professional experience in Islamic financial institution will be recognized for Accredited Prior Learning (APL) or as entry qualification.
Work experience Not required, however, professional experience in accounting or auditing will be recognized for Accredited Prior Learning (APL)*
English language requirments Reading, writing and presentations skills
Learning materials Animated videos, reading materials, practice worksheets, e-books and case studies weekly live Q & A with instructors
Assessments Students need to complete end of chapter questions, assignments, Capstone projects and recorded presentation.
Awad Professional Diploma in Accounting and Reporting for Islamic Financial Institutions
Awarding body Students have choice to select the Diploma provider either 1. IIISEF/GSBE 2. American International Theism University (AITU)
Fees US$ 300 - IIISEF/GSBE US$ 500 - AITU


* Limited number of financial relief and tuition waivers available to deserving students. Contact [email protected] for further details on financial relief/tuition fees and APL.