Advanced Diploma in Islamic Banking and FinTech

Advanced Diploma in Islamic Banking and FinTech This Advanced Diploma in Islamic Banking and FinTech program aims to produce qualified, skillful and efficient professional in the field of Islamic banking and  FinTech to meet needs in Islamic banking and financial technology industry.  The program covers the theory of Islamic banking, Islamic banking practices and concept of Fintech in Islamic finance […]

PG Diploma in Islamic Economics course

Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Economics Islamic economics course Islamic finance is and Islamic economics inseparable. Islamic finance emerged from Islamic economic principles. This is  an online Islamic Economics course. This course introduces the Islamic economics theory, Islamic economic system and micro and macro Islamic economics concepts. The relationship between Islamic finance and Islamic economics is well introduced. This is a […]

Executive Diploma in Islamic Finance

Executive Diploma in Islamic Finance Overview Executive Diploma in Islamic Finance gives an overview of world Islamic finance with deep learning understanding. At the end of the course, the students will have good theoretical and practical knowledge of the principles of Islamic finance. The student will develop a strong foundation for further studies in Islamic finance. The student will be […]

Diploma in Islamic Banking

Diploma in Islamic Banking This is an online Diploma in Islamic Banking course. This course aims to provide you with an extensive, detailed and critical knowledge of the Islamic banking industry. You will gain an understanding of the Islamic banking industry, immediate practical relevance and develop skills and abilities to make professional judgments and informed decisions in reverent work situations. […]

Professional Certificate in Islamic Finance

Overview This is a Certificate in Islamic Finance online. This course is designed for people who wish to know about fast growing finance sector. The course introduces the basic concepts of Islamic finance, banking operations and takaful . Recommended for anyone who wishes to start a career or studies in Islamic finance and certified by GSBE. Course contents; –  The […]