The PhD program of our institute provides an opportunity for candidates with an outstanding academic background to engage in an advanced study in Islamic Economics, Islamic Banking or Islamic finance.

Candidates of Islamic finance are expected to have intellectual curiosity, self-discipline and a high level of motivation to carry out research in Islamic finance. To prepare Doctor of  Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Islamic finance candidates are prepared  for advanced research, teaching and writing skills in their chosen area of Islamic finance specialization. C

Candidates shall be required to take supporting coursework comprising four courses units and lasting at least two semesters.

The Ph.D. programme seeks to orient candidates to the informed and critical application of knowledge to problems and issues concerning Islamic finance disciplines and professions. The doctoral programme is intended to enhance individuals’ capacity and skills for positions involving teaching, and research.

The objectives of the programme are:
a) to enhance skills in the various areas of Islamic finance specialization;
b) to provide an opportunity to the candidate to carry out and present scholarly work; and
c) to carry out research in the chosen area of study and submit a Ph.D. thesis in Islamic Finance.

Mode of Delivery

Full-time and part-time programme

The teaching of the degree programme shall extend over a minimum of 4 semesters and a maximum period of 12 semesters.

Each semester shall consist of 15 weeks inclusive of teaching and examinations

Each course unit in the programme has a loading of a minimum of 45 hours


Open, Distance and e-Learning

This Module is offered off-campus using multimedia approach in distance education.

The main media of instruction will be print and electronic study materials.

  1. The study materials shall be self-instructional.
  2. There will be use of limited face-to-face contact during the residential sessions.

Course Structure

The doctoral programme shall last for a minimum period of seven (7) semesters and a maximum of fifteen (12) semesters.

 Course outline

Candidates will be required to take three (4) core and three (3) specialization
courses as indicated below.

 Thematic Areas of Specialization

  • Islamic Economics
  • Islamic finance
  • Islamic banking
  • Sukuk
  • Islamic capital markets
  • Islamic accounting
  • Islamic financial institutions and markets
  • Islamic marketing
  • Zakath Management
  • Management of Islamic financial institutions
  • Waqf administration
  • Halal Economics
  • Halal Industry Management

Admission requirements

The following shall be eligible for admission:

  • A holder of a Master’s degree from a recognized university
  • Completed a post-graduate level course in Islamic Finance


Registration as a Doctoral student

a)For the purposes of eligibility for registration in the programme, an applicant who qualifies for admission into the course work phase shall be deemed to have satisfied the requirement spelt out in paragraph 4 of the common regulations for the degree of doctor of philosophy.

(b) A successful applicant shall register as a doctoral studentand take the required coursework. This student registration shall be for a minimum of four semesters and a maximum of six semesters. The student shall be required to complete the coursework phase and develop an acceptable Research Proposal before being  enrolled as a doctoral candidate.


Enrolment as a Doctoral Candidate

A student shall enroll as a doctoral candidate after fulfilling the
following requirements in his/her respective departments of specialization:
(a) successful completion of all the common and specialization courses.
(b) presentation of an acceptable Thesis Research Proposal.


Thesis Research and Thesis VIVA
A candidate shall carry out supervised Thesis Research in his/her chosen area of study, for a minimum period of four semesters, culminating in a Doctoral Thesis. The degree will be awarded to successful students who completed the thesis and viva. The viva has to be done with the institution selected by the candidate.


Fees and Funding

Fees might very depend on the selection of the university by the students.


Award of Degree

The institute is not authorised to issue a degree, but has partnered with recognized academic institutions to award PhD in Islamic finance. All of these institution are government regulated and accredited. Students can select their institution when enrollment.

Contact the institute for further details on selection of the degree program at