PG Diploma in Islamic Economics course

PG Diploma in Islamic Economics course

Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Economics

Islamic economics course

Islamic finance is and Islamic economics inseparable. Islamic finance emerged from Islamic economic principles. This is  an online Islamic Economics course. This course introduces the Islamic economics theory, Islamic economic system and micro and macro Islamic economics concepts. The relationship between Islamic finance and Islamic economics is well introduced. This is a highly theoretical course to help the student who wants to pursue their post graduate degree in Islamic banking and finance.

Course outcome

At the end of this course, the students will be able

  1. Explain the Islamic economic system
  2. Describe the Islamic economic paradigm
  3. Link the Islamic finance with Islamic economics


  1. Islamic economic system
  2. Islamic Economic paradigm
  3. Micro and Macro Islamic economics
  4. Fiscal and monetary policy
  5. Financial system


ProgramPost Graduate Diploma in Islamic Economics
Target Audience Islamic finance professionals, Islamic bankers, bankers, Academics, researchers and students who want to continue their studies in Islamic finance, banking and economics.
Study Mode Online (Distance learning)
Duration 75 Hours (Flexible - Students have freedom to start at their own time and complete within in 12 months)
Academic requirements Bachelor degree in economics and economics, Diploma in business administration with economics or professional qualification with basic economics subjects
Work experience Not required
English language requirements Reading, writing and presentation skills
Fees UK £400
Learning materials E-books, research papers, journals and articles
Assessment End of chapter questions, assignments and mini thesis
Award Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Economics
Awarding body IIISEF/GSBE


* Limited number of financial relief and tuition waivers available to deserving students. Contact [email protected] for further details on financial relief/tuition fees and APL.