We develop the people to lead the Islamic economy from the world’s Islamic Economy Capital, UAE and UK. International Institute of Islamic Economics and Finance is a premium model Islamic business school based in United Kingdom  (UK) and with branches in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with global reach.

Our ambition is to become be a leading Islamic business school in the world offering courses in Islamic banking, Islamic insurance, Islamic capital market, Halal economics, Islamic marketing and Islamic business administration.

IIISEF is a member of London based IIIsEF Training and Consultancy  UK Ltd


Our vision is to become global leader for Islamic finance and business education by enabling the students to lead Islamic finance and business industry.


Our mission is to provide students with necessary knowledge and skills to success in a highly competitive Islamic finance and business industry by giving the best mixture of academic and practical knowledge.

International partnership

We have partnered and on the process of partnership with leading business schools in order to get their best practices and international recognition. The present partnership includes business schools in Switzerland and UAE. 

Expert supervision 

Islamic business schools are quite different other traditional schools. Islamic finance and halal industry operate according to the principles and guidelines of Islam. Therefore, Islamic business entities and industry expected to operate follow such guidelines. Islamic business schools should teach according to the Islamic guidelines and these guidelines and supervision are done by Islamic scholars. We as expert institution in the industry are guided by well known scholars who has both industry experience and academic knowledge.