IIISEF, the world’s leading model Islamic business school based in London, UK always cares about society. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility towards the community and part of our charity, we are providing a limited number of scholarships to the most deserved students from all around the world. The scholarships are full and partial. There are three types of scholarships offered by the school namely, individual student case-by-case scholarships,  Seasonal scholarships and country-wise scholarships. In individual case-by-case scholarships, students apply for regular courses and make a request to the school for scholarships. The scholarship is decided by the school based on certain criteria. In the second type, students are offered a semester-based scholarship. Each and every semester, the school informs via the website and social media regarding the availability of scholarships. Students need to sit for a competitive aptitude exam and % of scholarship is decided based on the score in the exam. The school would offer fee waivers or partial scholarships for selected countries as part of the Islamic Finance Road Show. Please check the website for updates.