IIISEF is the only Islamic Business School to offer the choice of certification from 4 different academic institutions in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Switzerland.

International Institute of Islamic Economics and Finance  (IIIISEF) is partnered with the leading universities, academies, and business schools to offer certificates, diplomas, and degrees. IIIISEF is accredited by UK CPD to offer CPD-accredited training programs and workshops.

100% Sharia Compliant by AAOIFI Qualified and Certified Islamic Commercial Law experts and consultants. AAOIFI, is the only internationally accepted regulator and standard setting organisation. AAOIFI is setting Accounting and Islamic Commercial standards for Islamic finance and banking industry. AAOIFI experts has certified that our courses have been prepared according to internationally accepted AAOIFI standards. 

Presently, the institute offered certifications from

International institute of Islamic Economics and finance partnership