Professional Diploma in Zakath Management

Professional Diploma in Zakath Management

Professional Diploma in Zakath Management

This is a Diploma in Zakath Management. This course aims to introduce one of the five pillars and obligations of Islamic, Zakath. This course explains the importance of Zakath as a tool for social justice. Further, the course also describes Zakatable wealth and how to calculate it. The course concludes after introducing the Zakath management and calculation. This is an online Zakath Management course.


At the end of this course, the students will be able

1. Define Zakth and Zaktable wealth

2. Explain how Zakath helps to establish social justice

3. Describe the Zakath collection process and administration

4. Calculate the Zakathable amount

Course contents

  1. Basic of Zakath
  2. Zakath as a tool to establish Social justice
  3. Zakatable wealth
  4. Assessment of Zakath
  5. Recipients of Zakath
  6. Calculation of Zakath
  7. Calculation of Zakath
  8. Payment of Zakath
  9. Management of Zakath collection
  10. Zakath Accounting
  11. AAOIFI Sharia standards of Zakath


ProgramProfessional Diploma in Zakath Accounting and management
Target Audience Islamic finance professionals, managers of Islamic firms, entrepreneurs, accountants, accounting technicians, Zakath fund managers, Islamic bank management, Mosques managers and students who want to start a career in Zakath Management.
Study Mode Online (Distance Learning)
Duration 6 Months (Flexible - Students have freedom to start at their own and to complete)
Academic requirements Basic knowledge of business, Islamic finance and accounting
Work experience Not required, however, professional experience in Halal industry will be recognized for Accredited Prior Learning (APL)
English language requirement Reading, writing and presentations skills
Fees US$300*
Learning materials Animated videos, reading materials, e-books and case studies weekly live Q & A with instructors
Assessments Students need to complete end of chapter questions, assignments, Capstone projects and recorded presentation.
Award Professional Diploma in Zakath Accounting and Management
Awarding body IIISEF/GSBE


* Limited number of financial relief and tuition waivers available to deserving students. Contact [email protected] for further details on financial relief/tuition fees and APL