We are partnered with LSBSS to offer certificates and diplomas to our students. 

London School of Business and Social Sciences UK Ltd is registered with the United Kingdom Register of Learning Providers, as a verified UK learning provider.  The United Kingdom Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) is a Government Register of Verified Learning Providers in the UK and is used by government departments agencies such as the Learning and Skills Council, Careers Advice Service, HESA, HEFCE and UCAS, and by learners and employers. 

LSBSS’s listed status on the UKRLP as a UK learning provider means that LSBSS has been verified and has been allocated a UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN) as a unique identifier to share information with UKRLP partner agencies.  The UKRLP is an official Government Register of Verified Learning Providers in the UK. 

LSBSS’s UKRLP Number: 10090139

Institute of Financial Consultants (ifc)

International institute of Islamic Economics and finance partnership

The Institue of financial consultants is a leading professional body for finance and accounting professionals. We have partnered with IFC to offer membership to our graduates. 

American International Theism University (AITU)

AITU is a learning partner of the International Institute of Business and Economics (IIISEF) which is a member of IIBE FZ LLE Group. 

American International Theism University, AITU is Chartered by the State of Florida in 2010. AITU is authorized by the State of Florida, Department of Education Commission on Independent Education, Section 1005.06(1)(f), to award Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate Degrees.

AITU – Accreditation
American International Theism University is accredited by the Accreditation Service for International
Schools, Colleges, and Universities. ASIC is a non-government-approved independent accreditation
organization that accredits universities, colleges, distant learning schools, and other schools in the United
States, the United Kingdom, and other countries worldwide.

ASIC is recognized by UKVI in UK, is a member of the CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) in USA and is
listed in their International Directory, is a member of the BQF (British Quality Foundation) and are
institutional members of EDEN (European Distance and E-Learning Network).

American International Theism University is Accredited by American Accreditation Association – AAA In
accordance with the requirements of: ASTM E 2659

AITU, offers different programs in the areas of; Education, Grief Counseling, Business and Islamic Finance
and Banking.




Geneva School of Business and Economics






International Institute of Islamic Economics and Finance (iiisef) has recently partnered with Geneva School of Business and Economics to offer certificate and diploma programs along with IIISEF programs. IIISEF programs are reviewed and validated by the Geneva School of Business and Economics. GSBE is a business school based in Geneva, Switzerland provides courses in management, banking, finance and Islamic finance ranging from certificate, diploma, bachelor, master and doctorate level.