Fayaz Fazee – Sri Lanka (Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance)

International institute of Islamic Economics and finance

The support from tutor can be highly rated, while the course was well paced, and pitched at a level which allowed me to learn quickly and in depth of Islamic banking. The institute courses are designed to understand the Islamic finance industry practically. Online system of the IIISEF is excellent. Unlike other institutes who focus only videos based learning, IIISEF learning is blended. They good number of e-learning materials which  help me to understand Islamic banking deeply. The assessment helps to revise the concepts and made sure for me to move to the next level after understanding the whole concept.

Aryan Bin Riza – Bangladesh (Advanced Diploma in Islamic Banking and FinTech)

I enrolled the IIISEF for Advanced Diploma in Islamic Banking and FinTech. This is thorough course that enabled me to learn at my own pace, have access to my instructor whenever I needed, and have tools that I could continue my Islamic banking education and build upon what I have learned. I received more than just a piece of the puzzle and wonder how to incorporate it into my  work, I received the skills to start the project on Islamic bank at inception and see it to completion! Great Course!. Compared to other institution which solely depend on quizzes as assignment, this course give extra mile by requiring the students to complete a capstone project. Over all, I would highly recommend the school.

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