Professional Diploma in Waqf Management

This is an online course Diploma in Waqf management. This course aims to introduce Waqf, finance, investment, administration and development of Waqf. This course introduces the financing and investment options for Waqf in the existing legal framework. It also discusses the taxation issues and accounting for Waqf.


At the end of this course, the students will be able to

  1. Understand the concept of Waqf
  2. Describe the legal framework for Waqf
  3. List the participants of Waqf institutions
  4. Create Waqf based institution
  5. Apply tools and techniques for Waqf investments and financing

Course contents

  1. Basics of Waqf
  2. Legal framework of Waqf and participants
  3. Administration of Waqf institutions
  4. Financing, investment and development of Waqf
  5. Creation of Waqf based institutions
  6. Taxation and Accounting for Waqf
  7. AAOIFI Sharia standards on Waqf
  8. Case studies in Waqf administration


ProgramProfessional Diploma in Waqf Management
Target Audience Awqaf Manager, Awqaf fund managers, Community leaders, General public who ever interested to learn about Waqf, trainers, students who wants to pursue higher studies in Waqf management, researcher and academic of Islamic economics.
Study mode Online (Distance learning)
Duration 30 hours (Flexible - Students have freedom to start at their own time and complete within in 12 months)
Academic requirements Basic knowledge of business and economics.
Work experience Not required, however, professional experience in Halal industry will be recognized for Accredited Prior Learning (APL)
English language requirements Reading, writing and presentations skills
Learning materials Animated videos, reading materials, e-books and case studies
Assessments Students need to complete end of chapter questions, assignments and capstone project
Award Professional Diploma in Waqf Management
Awarding body Students have choice to select the Diploma provider from 1. London School of Business and Social Sciences (LSBSS) 2. Geneva School of Business and Economics (GSBE) 3. American International Theism University (AITU)
Fees UK£ 250 - London School of Business and Social Sciences (LSBSS) or Geneva School of Business and Economics (GSBE) UK£ 500 - AITU


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