Ramadan 2022 – Fee waiver

Dear Prospective Students,

We are pleased to inform you are eligible for Ramadan 2022, fee waiver program. You have been granted an 80% fee waiver to follow any of the following courses. You can enroll for the program from the 05th of April – the 31st of May 2022. Courses can be started any time.

Terms and conditions for a partial scholarship

  1. A partial scholarship percentage will be reduced from the total course fee. For example, if the total course fee is UK £ 400 and the students are given an 80% fee waiver, the new is £ 80.
  2. Students need to complete their course within 12 months from the date of enrolment. Students can enroll for the program now and start the program later.
  3. Students need to complete all the learning materials and assessments to be awarded a Diploma.


Regular fee New after the scholarship Coupon code

(For fee waiver)

Diploma/Executive Diploma/Professional Diploma UK £ 250 UK £ 50 GSBE80
Advanced Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma UK £ 400 UK £ 80 GSBE80

Awar of Certificate: Students have the option either to get their certificate from the Geneva School of Business and Economics or the International Institue of Islamic Economics UK.


How to enroll in the programs  and get a certificate

  1. Click the below links to check information on courses, duration, trail course materials, and sample certificate.
  2. Select the course
  3. Click on the enroll button
  4. Enter the coupon code when enrolling for the course. (Use the code given in the table)
  5. Start the course.
  6. Complete the course and inform the instructor about your course completion.

Link for the courses

  1. Executive Diploma in Islamic finance


  1. Executive Diploma in Islamic Banking


  1. Professional Diploma in Islamic Accounting and Reporting


  1. Professional Diploma in Halal Industry Management


  1. Professional Diploma in Waqf Management


  1. Professional Diploma in Islamic Commercial Law


  1. Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance


  1. Advanced Diploma in Islamic Banking and FinTech


  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Finance


  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Economics


Please contact us if you need further details

Wish you all the best.

Mohamed J

Admission officer


Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp : +44 7700 181825



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