Diploma holder verification page

This is Diploma verification page of International Institute of Islamic Economics and Finance.

The name listed in this page is last or first name of the students. This list is for the refence purposes only. If anyone wants to verify the students in detail including the name of diploma, full name, address, duration and grade should email to [email protected] with student’s consent letter.


Jaffar S

Nausar M

Tariq S

Lufti A

Maroof Z

Nadzif  R   (ADVIBF0119)

Rizwan J

Abdulllah W. G

Torre G

Ibrahim K (ADVIBF0132)

Zahid K (ADVIBF0133)

Fazrihan duriat (PDWM0134)

Zainab B (EDIF210620)

Korma I (ADVIE0153)

Gerehiwot Hunegnaw (EDIB141121)


Junaid Abdul Majid (AIDF041021)

Mohamed Shafeeq (PDIPIA210921)


Rabiat Akinwale (ADIBF120621)

Fazrihan duriat (PDHIM210121)