Professional Diploma in Zakath Management

Professional Diploma in Zakath Management Zakat literally means ‘to increase’ in growth. It also means blessing, purification and commendation. Zakat is an obligatory act ordained by Allah to be performed by every able bodied Muslim. It is part of the wealth and property that Muslims must pay annually, to help the poor of their community. Zakat is one of the Five Pillars […]

Certificate in Waqf Management

Certificate in Waqf Management This course intended to introduce Waqf and its administration. The course defines Waqf and discusses the history of Waqf management. This course also discusses the Islamic legal framework, administration of Waqf and it’s institutions. Outcome At the end of this course, the students will be able Define terms in Waqf management List the parties involved in […]

PG Diploma in Islamic Economics course

Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Economics Islamic economics course Islamic finance is and Islamic economics inseparable. Islamic finance emerged from Islamic economic principles. This is  an online Islamic Economics course. This course introduces the Islamic economics theory, Islamic economic system and micro and macro Islamic economics concepts. The relationship between Islamic finance and Islamic economics is well introduced. This is a […]

Professional Diploma in Halal Industry Management

Professional Diploma in Halal industry management This course aims to introduce the halal industry management, industry players and the importance of the Halal industry in the modern world. This course explains the basic principles Islam, Halal, and the importance of Halal products in Muslim society. After students fully understand the concept this course introduces the application of Halal concepts and […]

Professional Diploma in Islamic Marketing

Professional Diploma in Islamic marketing This is an online Islamic marketing course. This course is intended for students who wish to increase their theoretical and practical knowledge of the Muslim market and Islamic marketing principles. Further, this course intended to stimulate their critical thinking skills. Outcomes 1. Under the complexity of Muslim Markets 2. Describe the nature and structure of […]

Dissertation Topics

Dissertation Topics in Islamic finance, Islamic banking, takaful and Islamic Accounting These are the dissertation or thesis proposal. Researchers are free to develop based on these themes. This proposal includes banking, product development, risk management, performance, economics, corporate governance, marketing, information technology, strategic management, human resource management, micro-financing, Sharia board, and contemporary thoughts. Note : These are samples can be modified as […]

Adv Diploma in Islamic Finance

Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance Overview This is an Online Diploma in Islamic finance course. This course aims to provide extensive knowledge of Islamic finance. The course discusses Islamic economics, Islamic finance, products, markets, governance and the application of the concepts in the real world. The student will get both theoretical and practical knowledge of Islamic finance. The course will […]

Executive Diploma in Islamic Finance

Executive Diploma in Islamic Finance Overview Executive Diploma in Islamic Finance gives an overview of world Islamic finance with deep learning understanding. At the end of the course, the students will have good theoretical and practical knowledge of the principles of Islamic finance. The student will develop a strong foundation for further studies in Islamic finance. The student will be […]

Diploma in Islamic Banking

Diploma in Islamic Banking This is an online Diploma in Islamic Banking course. This course aims to provide you with an extensive, detailed and critical knowledge of the Islamic banking industry. You will gain an understanding of the Islamic banking industry, immediate practical relevance and develop skills and abilities to make professional judgments and informed decisions in reverent work situations. […]

100% Online Islamic Finance course – Discount 60% – 80% (The best fee waiver))

Online Islamic Finance course IIISEF is conducting 100% Online Islamic Finance course. International Institute of Islamic Economics and Finance (IIISF), is leading Dubai based Islamic business and finance institute offering course in Islamic banking, Islamic finance, Islamic micro finance, Waqf management, Islamic fintech, Islamic economics, Islamic marketing and Islamic Accounting. IIISEF is affiliated with ATU, university of Florida and GSBE […]